This month, as President Obama celebrates the 32 million Americans who were once Head Start children, he calls on United States citizens to rededicate ourselves to building an inclusive educational system worthy of our young people. The president understands that an educated population yields a skilled work force and strong economy, and the route to education is through early childhood interventions like Head Start and Early Head Start. Organizations around the country, like Orange Children & Parents Together, scaffold early childhood learning from a strength-based approach that recognizes parents as the primary educators, celebrates diversity as community assets, and creates leadership opportunities for parents and families to participate in their child’s development. Orange Children & Parents Together continues to be recognized for exemplary achievements in the field of early childhood education, including excellent professional development and training for all of its educators and staff. When organizations around the country like OCPT provide high quality educational opportunities for children, offer family support services meeting authentic community needs, and continually train teachers and support staff in research-based methods, 32 million children win! Thank you for educating, enlightening, and inspiring brighter futures and better tomorrows for our kids!