What if you could see into the future and increase the likelihood that a young child would grow up to be happily employed, enjoying good health, and equipped with valuable life skills to create a family of their own? What if you could make an invest today in the life of a little 3-year old that would decrease that child’s chances of falling prey to drug abuse, crime, domestic violence, and incarceration? The great news is that investments in early childhood education today do indeed impact the lives of young Americans tomorrow. Orange Children & Parents Together makes investments in young children every day by providing crucial educational programs that support early childhood development. These high quality early interventions focus on key academic domains as well as the social-emotional growth of young children. Recent findings from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation celebrates social-emotional developmental outcomes from programs like OCPT because research shows that early learning builds a foundation for social successes as well as bolsters national economic contributions. Learn more about the impressive 20-year study by clicking here.