Our community-based initiatives are family friendly and designed to enhance children’s growth and learning while strengthening families and building communities.



School Readiness Programs
We believe that every child deserves a quality education. We provide high quality, comprehensive early education programs for 440 vulnerable children, ages 0-5, in our community; low income, dual language learners, special educational needs, and multiple risk factors for achievement gaps or school failure. Programs focus on the full range of child needs in support of school readiness: health screenings, developmental screenings, individualized attention, educational outcomes, and successful transition into kindergarten.

Healthy Beginnings
Health and nutrition are vital components to the educational success of our children. We know that healthy children make for more successful learners. Our children receive health screenings for early intervention, learn about healthy eating habits, participate in a daily health program that includes health assessments, and participate in fitness programs that promote an active lifestyle. We provide parent education workshops on health, nutrition, and child wellness. Each year we serve approximately 140,000 healthy meals – breakfast, lunch, snacks- to nourish children and maximize learning outcomes.

Super Tooth Cavity Free Campaign
Our Super Tooth Cavity-Free Campaign includes dental screenings, provision of toothbrush and toothpaste for each child, instruction and practice in healthy dental habits, and connects children and families with a dental home to receive ongoing continuous dental care.

Strong Parents Strong Kids

We are dedicated to developing the integrity of families within the context of their beliefs, values, customs, and culture. By providing family support services to each family, we increase the likelihood of personal success and self sufficiency not only for the child, but also for the entire family. We help families help themselves by providing:

  • a place where families and community can come together in a safe environment for growing, learning, and connecting

  • a program that connects families to community resources, support, and opportunities

  • a philosophy of respecting and honoring family assets

Family Support Services
Family support staff connect parents to resources in areas of health, parenting, job training, educational goals, and domestic and community violence.

Family Literacy
We believe that strong reading skills create the foundation for all future learning experiences. In our classrooms, every learning activity encompasses a component of literacy and language development. In addition, we encourage parents to read with their children at home through our Raising A Reader program. Our Raising A Reader program helps parents in practicing and maintaining home-based literacy routines that are critical for school success. Research demonstrates that when families are involved in learning, children’s academic achievement improves.

Our Public Awareness Campaign builds community advocacy and support for high quality early education generally and more specifically for our efforts to improve the lives of vulnerable young children and their families, helping children and families to thrive, thus strengthening our entire community.