Every child deserves a quality education. We provide high quality, comprehensive, early education programs for 440 vulnerable children, ages 0-5, living within Orange Unified School District. Children in our school readiness
programs are at-risk for achievement gaps due to living in extreme poverty, special educational needs, language barriers, domestic violence and other risk factors. Our Head Start, State Preschool, and Early Head Start Home Visiting Programs focus on the full range of child needs in support of school readiness: health screenings, developmental screenings, individualized
attention, and educational outcome measures.

Healthy children make for more successful learners. Health and nutrition are vital components to the educational success of our children and in preventing chronic health conditions including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and anemia. Our children receive health screenings for early intervention, learn about healthy eating habits, participate in a daily health program that includes health checks, and participate in fitness programs. We provide parent education workshops on health, nutrition, and child wellness. Each year we serve approximately 130,000 healthy meals (breakfast, lunch, snacks) to nourish children and maximize learning outcomes.

Our Super Tooth Cavity-Free Campaign includes dental screenings, provision of toothbrush and toothpaste for each child, instruction and practice in healthy dental habits, and connects children and families with a dental home to receive ongoing continuous dental care.