OCPT 1967 Milestone
OCPT 1967 Milestone
OCPT 1967 Milestone
OCPT 1967 Milestone

How We Provide Quality Education

We work closely with our skilled teaching staff to implement The Creative Curriculum, an evidence-based curriculum fully aligned with the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework and the California Department of Education Preschool Foundations. Using exploration and discovery as a way of learning, The Creative Curriculum enables children to develop confidence, creativity, and lifelong critical thinking skills.

Children transitioning to kindergarten from our early education programs will be able to demonstrate skills and knowledge in the following seven areas:Social and Emotional Development, Cognitive Development, Language and Literacy, Health, Mathematical Development, Physical Development, and English Language Development.



How We Measure Success

We demonstrate positive results in our School Readiness programs year after year. The graph shown below contrasts entrance assessments in Fall 2014 and exit assessments in Spring 2015 and demonstrates significant growth and development in seven key learning domains. We utilize Desired Results Developmental Profile-Preschool created by the California Department of Education to assess children’s progress at the beginning, middle, and end of each school year. We use this data to guide the curriculum planning process, individualize activities to optimize learning, and prepare our children to successfully transition to kindergarten.



Success Stories: Parent Praise

Thanks to Orange Children & Parents Together, my son is an autism treatment success story. My son, Michael, was born with severe autism, but thanks to early intervention, he is now prepared to enter a mainstream kindergarten class with his peers, instead of special education.

Prior to OCPT, Michael had tried preschool for two years. He was unsuccessful in interacting with the other friendly children. He had given up trying and played alone. The teachers at OCPT embraced Michael and his social-emotional goals. Through his teachers’ ongoing support and encouragement, Michael has developed meaningful friendships and plays well with others. Some people may assume that these skills come naturally to children, and for some children, they do. But for children like Michael, these social skills need to be taught and practiced. I am grateful for the highly skilled educators at OCPT who have provided Michael with the framework for developing healthy social relationships – a necessary skill as he matures into an adult in society.

I consider OCPT one of the best preschools in Orange County. It is an enriched learning environment with skilled and caring staff. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed. The educational materials are high quality and cover a range of interests and abilities. Family pictures and children’s work proudly decorate the classrooms. The message is clear: this is a place dedicated to children and parents. I do not know of any other preschool program that makes an individual learning plan for each child and includes goals for the entire family.

When I think of OCPT, I see children smiling. Every day, in hundreds of ways, kids are learning that school is fun. My son was at a fork in the road, and thanks to OCPT, we are heading for a brighter future.

– LeAnn Hutchison, OCPT Mom

OCPT students enter kindergarten with pre-reading skills, richer vocabulary, and stronger basic math skills than students not enrolled in early childhood education classes.
OCPT students are more likely to graduate high school and college, be employed, and earn higher incomes over their lifetime.
OCPT students are better prepared for primary education in areas of math, cognitive development, social-emotional skills, reading, and language.
Economists report early childhood education offers high return on investment – as much as $17 for every $1 invested.
“As a Head Start child myself, I can personally attest to the benefits this program provides for the children of this nation.”
Loretta Sanchez, California Congresswoman
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